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The Regros Foundation was born out of the desire to do more. Over the last few decades, we have seen huge technological advances which have created more or less a borderless world. this means information travels faster and experiences that would have been isolated previously, are now shared across multiple social media platforms. And for the first time the true nature of how much really needs to be done for equality, socio-economic development and positive representation is now clear for all to see. The Regros Foundation was created specifically to address the challenges women and young girls face in their community. We work to develop long-term solutions to issues such as access to education, violence against women, women’s health and much more

Itohan Odekunle

The Regros Foundation

founder & CEO

Itohan Odekunle

Being a third daughter in a family of three girls in Benin City, Nigeria, meant I was always acutely aware that my gender was considered a handicap by some in the community. Fortunately, I never accepted that my gender was a limitation, and I was thankfully surrounded by those willing to invest in my future. As a result, I have been privileged to become all the things I have wanted to become and know I can achieve even more.

The Regros Foundation was born from a lifelong desire to empower women to recognise that they can be more than their circumstances and/or what society dictates they should be. Women are not second-class citizens, and with the right amount of knowledge and access to resources, all women can excel in anything they do.

The vision for Regros Foundation is to build an organisation that provides tailored solutions and resources for women and young girls at risk of economic marginalisation. As an organisation, we are committed to giving a voice to the people that continue to be marginalised in our modern world.

We have identified three key areas that align with our core values and desire for change:

  1. Access to education for young girls and women
  2. Financial training and support for women living in at-risk communities and,
  3. Technology enablement: leveraging our resources and subject matter experts to explore new ways of closing the digital divide between the developed world and our communities in transition.

Women in every part of the world continue to be largely marginalized from the political sphere, often as a result of discriminatory laws, practices, attitudes and gender stereotypes, low levels of education, lack of access to health care and the disproportionate effect of poverty on women

United Nations General Assembly 2011

Our Trustees


Samuel Odekunle

Trustee & Director of International Partnerships.
Samuel has worked in the non-profit sector of over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience in international operations to the team.

Stella Oviasu

Stella is a medical Professional and a qualified counsellor. She brings a unique combination of medical experience and pastoral care experience.