Building our
Communities today

Here at the Regros Foundation, we believe that every life matters and that is we partner

with the key partners in our communities to build a better future for all.

The Regros Foundation

Our Guiding Principle

The continuing existence of gender disparity and the attendant barriers to education and social equality which characterises this phenomenon, continue to be some of the greatest threats to development in our world today. As such we believe that it is imperative that we collectively act now to remove any barriers that hinder the growth and development of our communities. 

Our commitment is to empower women and young girls in communities to reach their full potential by providing the resources, leadership and critical infrastructure for sustainable development. 

Our Engagement Strategy


We actively seek to equip young women with the necessary knowledge skills and tools to enable them to maximise their full potential and become effective contributors to the growth and development of their respective communities.

Recognising the need for a collaborative approach to addressing needs in communities at risk, we  work closely with local partners embedded within these communities to deliver tailored programs, grants and scholarships.

Leadership & Advocacy

Through a portfolio of leadership training programs designed specifically for the particular communities within which we work.

We are able to support the growth and development of community leaders who are committed to building strategic relationships to deliver critical developmental resources whilst advocating for the historically marginalised groups within the same communities.  

Technology Enablement

A common theme that features within communities at risk is the lack of the right technological resources that would aid in addressing some of the more critical issues they continue to face. In parallel with our development initiatives, we are building a team of technical experts within our communities who will advice, lead and build the technical infrastructure needed to improve the outcomes of our key programmes and projects.