We are an international non-profit organisation wholly committed to building sustainable and thriving communities free from Gender inequalities and socio-economic discrimination.

The Regros Foundation

Our Guiding Principle

Barriers to education, social inequality and technological under-development are still a great threat to the development of our communities today. It is our belief that everyone has a right to learn, grow and pursue their aspirations free from barriers to education and technology, particularly in communities that remain historically underrepresented both in developed and developing countries across the globe.

Our commitment is to empower communities in need to reach their full potential by providing practical opportunities for leadership development, improving access to education and technology enablement.


Our LET Strategy


Gender Empowerment

The Global Health Crisis in the last few years, from the Ebola outbreaks in central and Subsaharan Africa to the more recent COVID-19 pandemic, has had a negative impact on gender inequality in communities that continue to struggle with extreme poverty.

Our Commitment to Gender empowerment means we are continually exploring ways and means to confront gender inequality, access to education for girls and women within the communities-in-need and gender-based violence.

On Leadership

We believe that strong community leadership plays a vital role in ensuring that communities in need are on a positive trajectory to economic stability. As such, We have developed a range of programs for engaging and supporting leaders within these communities to equip them with the skills, knowledge and resources to help develop robust strategies for community growth.



Education is critical to the development of any community. Our dedication to helping transform communities in need to thriving communities means that removing barriers to quality education is a key focal point.

Through our annual scholarship programs, we aim to create pathways to high quality learning and development that in turn feeds into the community growth and development.

Technology Enablement

Many Communities in need are left behind because of a lack on investment in technology which has become a basic amenity in the 21st century. The absence of a critical technology infrastructure in primary and secondary schools means that children in these communities fall behind in the learning experience and exposure to the real world.

Through our Technology for all program we aim to equip every primary and secondary school with the resources needed to transcend the digital divide.